Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Official Tea Lover

Here's my most recent Penguins finish. I've been stitching during the hockey games, and I'm proud to announce that the Pens are up 3-0 in the series against the Rangers!

This is from the Tea Crazy by Lizzie Kate.

See if you can spot the two differences between my finish and the pattern/model. One was intentional and one was not... eek!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Contest Entry #1

Here's my first entry in the Pine Glen Designs contest from the Online Needlework Show.

The pattern is titled Jacob's Ladder.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Future Posts

I'm intending to showcase new stitches, new finishes, and add to the gallery of Old Stitches, if I can get pictures from the people I've given stuff to.

Hope to hear from other stitchers around!

Coffee House

And finally my most recent finish. I crossed the last X on this yesterday afternoon.

This is planned to be a Christmas present for a coffee loving friend. I need to get it framed up ASAP, or it'll end up where a lot of the other projects have!

Peace Love and a Cure

I have the Stitch-a-Gift hanger thing that is shown in the picture of the finished model. I'm planning to hang this up on my wall at work.

Big Girl Panties

I need to wash this so I can add the little yellow buttons on the pink shorts.

I deviated from the pattern slightly. The stitched model had a yellow stripe on the green undies, and the pattern had it purple. I liked the yellow better.

I heart boobies

Put this design together from elements in the Subversive Cross Stitch book.

This gift WAS delivered!


This is sitting on the shelf above my desk at work.


Found this freebie at fuldesign

Gave me a chance to try out the DMC variegated floss.

Lizzie Kate stockings

I flipped the direction of both of these patterns, because I prefer my Christmas stockings to point to the right.

(Yes, I am crazy.)

Look toward Heaven

This is from a Gold Collection kit. I really like the color change in the blues and also the yellow-gold tones in the border.


This was a going away present for a co-worker who loved Eeyore. I think she's since moved back.

Take Your Partners Please

This was intended to be given to my long-time dance teacher.

Tinker Bell

I love Tinker Bell!

This was a challenging project being fairly large and almost entirely backstitch.

I think she turned out beautifully.

Kitty Oasis

I have two cats and they drink out of the sink faucet.

I'm going to have to hang this in the downstairs bathroom after we repaint it.

Lesley Teare ladies

I finished the spring lady first and actually finished her! She hung in my cubicle at work for about a year.

There's something Anne of Green Gablesy about the autumn lady.

It's difficult to see in this photo, but there are snowflakes all around the winter lady in white rayon floss. It's really shiny and is very striking.


The bibs were made for the same twin girls. They were never put in the mail, and the girls are around 3 now, so I think it's too late.

Baby Blankets

This set of two baby blankets was made for my cousin's twin girls back in 2005. Each of them have the "stitched with love" saying on the opposite corner from the picture.

These did get to their destination.

Luck Be a Ladybug

I just was at a dinner party and the hostess had ladybug stuff all over the place, so I believe I've found a home for this little cutie.

Angel and Pirate

This little angel is the reason I met Harmien! I'd posted her on Cyber Stitchers (way back when) and Harmien wanted to know where to find the pattern.

She's from an issue of Britain's Cross-Stitcher magazine.

She was joined by the pirate pattern, which I made for my Big Sister's new son, Graham. Unfortunately, he never got it.

Wedding icon

This was to be set into a wedding gift card.

Crazy Cow and Dragon

That cow looks completely insane. I think I was planning to make that into something for Bill.

Nothing specific compelled the dragon.


Yet another tiny icon. I think this is one of the "Challenge Lucie" designs that Lucie Heaton does in Cross Stitch Crazy.


I'm sure my plan here was to make coasters for three of my aunts (Marie, Kathy and Carole) and one for myself. This might actually happen, because I do have the plastic coaster thingys.

Random little stitches

I was probably planning to make a "good luck" card for someone moving to a new job, but that never happened. I just think the hippo and alien (especially the alien) are cute.

Britney as a bear

I find this hilarious... Hit Me Baby One More Time era Britney Spears as a bear... What more can I say?

Love Was Born

First use of seed beads on a project!


This was my first time using blending filament. I remember stitching this outside on lunch-breaks and it was so shimmery in the sunlight.


This looks like it might be from Little House Needleworks. I need to find the magazine to find out.


Didn't want to leave out my Jewish friend (so I left out everyone!).

Snowman and bird

Again, a Christmas ornament.

I loved working on this one.


Santa for the Christmas ornament project.


Another Christmas ornament.

Alma Lynn Snowmen

My plan, back in 2004, was to make a bunch of Christmas ornaments. So I stitched this up as part of that plan. They never got made up though....

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The entire center of the sunflower contains approximately eighteen gazillion french knots. This has such a great texture because of all the knots.


I'm not certain that I'll use this as a scissorkeep when I assemble it. I'd be terrified of chopping right through the cord.

(When I assemble it... who am I kidding??)

Too Much Housework

And the first linen project was very quickly followed by the second; Too Much Housework by Lizzie Kate.

First linen project

Lizzie Kate's Love is the Greatest Gift was my first project on linen. I believe this was in an issue of Just Cross Stitch.

Christmas present-to-be

Stitched as a Christmas gift for one of my mom's friends. I think I finished this while I was still living with my mom (at least 4 years ago), and yet it's still in my possession.

Yet another old project

This is dated 2003, but I think there was a 5-10 year gap between the time that all the stitching was completed, and the day that I finally finished the back-stitching!

Egyptian Pair

I started the Queen on a trip to Disney World with my mom and my friend Carole, her husband and her husband Paul. We stayed at the Disney Institute (current home of Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort).


Two fun stitch-ups. I love the energy in the Jitterbug compared to the sleepy heads on the cloud.