Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something new for 2011!

From the first Mill Hill kit, I was inspired to try another new thing. Here is my progress (as of the afternoon on 1/16) on Little House Needleworks' Schoolgirl Lessons. This is the first time I've used silk floss. It is Belle Soie in Fern Frond. I started the project on the afternoon of 1/14 and can't believe how quickly this came together! I'm planning to hang it in my bedroom once I get a little chair to create a seating/reading area.

Schoolgirl WIP

More 2011 finishes

I got the left side snowman finished and all the snow beads added to complete Bent Creek's Photobooth Snowmen.

Photobooth Snowmen

One of the local shops advertised a Mill Hill Bead kit night to help stitchers get over bead-fear. I have had this kit since last year and decided to give it a shot. It stitched up surprisingly fast considering the quantity of beads on this little thing! There's no beading on the legs, but it seems like every other stitch on the top half is beaded.

Sugarplum Fairy

Here's a closeup.

Sugarplum Close-up

Final 2010 finishes

I've got a few finishes from 2010 to share. They were all Christmas gifts (two of which were not given to the receivers yet... argh!).

First we've got Nickademus by Raise the Roof Designs from the 2010 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. I followed Vonna's finishing tutorial to put it together.


Next, I stitched Herb Garden by Little House Needleworks. The colors aren't great in this photo. The fabric is lavender. I love the little bees and their swirly trail.

Herb Garden

Finally, I have JBW Designs' French Country Cat. I changed the floss color to GAST Harvest Moon. My friend has a huge white and orange cat and I wanted it to resemble her cat.

Le Chat

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First finish of 2011!

So, here's my first finish of 2011! It's from Bent Creek; Catch the Day - ROWboat. The little fish in the corner has some beads on its tail for a little sparkle.

Catch the Day - ROWboat

Also, here's the project that I worked on over the week of Christmas. My plan was to finish it over the weekend, like I did with the Thanksgiving photobooth, but I was so busy and ran short on time. I was also short on thread! I didn't have the color for the snowman on the left, which is why he looks like a ghost. I'm working on him and hopefully this'll be the second finish of 2011.

Snowmen Photobooth

I've got a couple other projects that were finished between these, but they need to be framed and gifted before the photos can be shared. And they will be shared! I promise...